Parent/Guardian First Name
Parent/Guardian Last Name
Parent / Guardian Phone
Parent / Guardian Email
Student First Name
Student Last Name
Name of school/centre
Name of class group
A: Class Group + 2 Sets of Individual Portrait Prints
B: Class Group + 1 Set of Individual Portrait Prints
C: Digital File of Individual Student - ready to print in 5x7 inch size
D: Sibling Photo Print Package (Must Be Ordered Before Photo Day) - children attending same school only
E: Digital File for Sibling Photo - ready to print in 5x7 inch size
F: Class Group Only

Please list name and class of each student to be included in the sibling photo and details of multiple combinations if required for multiple quantities

Digital File: Image will be sent via email to the Parent/Guardian email above.

G: Special Groups
School Captains Quantity
House Captains Quantity
SRC Quantity

Special Request Details (please list name & class of all others students required for photo)

Please itemise the different orders if ordering more than one combination of special request orders.

Please Note:

a late order fee of $5 will apply from 7pm the night prior to photo day orders for sibling photos close from 7pm the night prior to photo day refunds (if required due to absentees) will incur a charge equivalent to the credit card fee