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Budd Photography is a leading provider of Aerial Photography and Drone Photography in Townsville and Northern Australia.

With over 20 years of experience in aerial photography, Roslyn has captured numerous projects from the air and loves the perspective it provides for clients, in Townsville and Northern Queensland.

Aerial photography provides a unique viewpoint of a project site and can give perspective to how the project sits within the broader context of the town/region.  When considering an aerial perspective there are some significant differences between traditional aerial photography and drone photography.  Budd Photography can offer both services and will discuss the options with clients to determine the most appropriate decision.

Roslyn chooses to conduct aerial photography via helicopter with minimum flight time of 30 minutes, allowing a lot of ground to be covered in this timeframe.   Drone photography is restricted to CASA designated zones and maximum height is only 120m which can be limiting in certain circumstances.  Both helicopter and drone photography rely on clear weather conditions to obtain the best results and Roslyn will also discuss the best times of day with regard to sun angles, flight scheduling and specific features that need to be captured. 

Stephen is a CASA certified drone pilot and, where possible, the drone flights are conducted as team flights with Stephen and Roslyn together.

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