Schools & Groups

Budd Photography has conducted school and group photography for more than 25 years in regional Queensland and has built a reputation for a quality product coupled with friendly and reliable service.

We aim to ensure our package pricing remains economical without compromising on the quality of print. We love working with kids and aim to see the smile of every child on photo day. We ensure our staff hold current Blue Cards and prioritise high safety and hygiene standards.

Ordering is done via our online portal and we can also provide a manual order option for families that do not have access to online facilities. If your school, centre or team are interested in booking, please contact us and we can discuss your requests.


At Budd Photography, we believe in the power of community and giving back to make a positive impact for children and families in our region.

We have selected two charities that we hold in high regard, Heartkids and RMHC North Australia (Ronald McDonald House Charity North Australia). These wonderful charities provide vital support and care to children and families who are facing challenging and often life-changing circumstances.

For each school or centre that we photograph we will donate $100 to their selection of either charity. There is absolutely no financial commitment on behalf of the school/centre.

From our clients

Thank you to Budd Photography for doing a great job with our College photos. Ros is professional, organised and easy to work with. The photos are always received in a timely manner and are of a very high quality.
Southern Cross Catholic College, Townsville
Budd photography has proven to be a fantastic provider of school photos since coming on board for us in 2022. The service from start to finish with Ros and her team is professional, high quality, and always flexible to the needs of a busy school environment.
St Clare’s Catholic School, Burdell, Townsville
We are delighted to share our experience with Budd Photography, who have been photographing St Joseph’s school photos for the past 25 years. Ros and Steve’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail have made them an invaluable partner for our school. Over the years, Budd Photography has consistently provided high-quality photos that capture the essence of our students. They take the time to get to know each student and make them feel comfortable, resulting in natural and beautiful photos that families treasure for years to come. What sets Budd Photography apart is their ability to adapt to changing times. They have embraced new technologies and techniques, and have always been willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our school photos are exceptional. Their team is professional, courteous and reliable, making the entire process seamless for our school. I highly recommend Budd Photography to any school looking for a trusted partner for their school photos. Their expertise and dedication to their craft are evident in every photo they take, and we are grateful for their 25 years of service to our school community.
St Joseph’s Catholic School, Mount Isa


Your school/centre will provide you with a link and access code to the online order portal where your order can be made and paid online for each of your children.  The link can be used on your home computer, mobile phone or tablet. There are instructions on the order portal when you commence the order process.  The process is simple but please contact Budd Photography if you encounter any technical issues with your order.

We apologise for any technical issues with placing your order, and understand the frustration when technology just doesn’t do what it is meant to do.  I would suggest trying the following steps

  • Please ensure you have entered this URL:
  • Try using a different browser (eg. google chrome, safari etc)
  • Try using a different device (eg. different phone or computer)
  • Try clearing your cookies/browsing data on your devices
  • Try using incognito/private browsing mode

If you are still experiencing issues, please email Roslyn ( with a detailed description and screenshots of what is happening and we can work with you to resolve the issues.  Thankyou for your patience.

It is the preference of the school and Budd Photography for orders to be placed online, however, if this is not possible, please collect an order form from the office and return completed form to school office BEFORE photo day with correct cash payment in an envelope. Please ensure only ONE child per order form. All care will be taken for manual orders, however, we accept no responsibility for lost/missing orders.

Please note that sibling photos can only be ordered BEFORE photo day. No sibling photo orders will be accepted after photo day.

No. All order transactions are made either by secure online payment, or cash payments via the manual order form obtained from the office.

All orders placed after photo day will need to done as online orders only.

Please note:

  • Orders for sibling photos close from 10am the day BEFORE photo day (if photo day is a Monday the orders will close from the previous Friday)
  • General orders can be placed up to approximately 1 week after photo day without additional fees. Orders will then be closed until all photos have been delivered.
  • Online orders will re-open after delivery of first print run of photos for additional order opportunities.  A late order/postage fee of $15 will apply for each order.  To avoid additional charges, ensure all students are ordered in a single transaction.
  • Refunds (if requested due to absentees or other reasons) will incur a charge of $2 per transaction to cover credit card fees/cart fees and admin

Depending on the school location and schedule there may be a ‘catchup’ day arranged, generally about a week after the main photo day. This will be another opportunity for any absent individuals and sibling photos to be taken.

If the school has chosen individual composite style images for the group photo, and your child attends the catchup day, your photo order will be processed as normal.

If the school has chosen traditional style group photos, your student will be marked as ‘absent’ on the group photo and your order will be processed as normal. If you would like to arrange a ‘custom group photo’ with an inset of your child on the group photo this is an additional cost and can be arranged by contacting Budd Photography via email.  If you would like to request a partial refund of your order please contact Budd Photography immediately following photo day to ensure that your group print order isn’t automatically processed.

Sibling photos are only taken when an order has been received BEFORE photo day.

Online orders for siblings close at least one working day before photo day to ensure that we have time to prepare the necessary details for photo day. Please refer to the details provided by your school/centre to ensure you order before the cutoff time.

Please ensure the details of each child in the photo are listed with names and classes in the details.

Some schools will also request that you nominate a specific time for your children’s photo to be taken (generally before school time). Please follow this process if required.

We will allow school age siblings from other schools to be included in the sibling photo (eg. high school student included with the primary school siblings). Please note that the extra siblings must be of School age (prep and above) and we will not include younger pre-school children.

Digital files are available for purchase for individual portraits and sibling photos as per the order details in the order portal. Files will be delivered via email within 2 days of the print products being delivered to the school/centre.

The time required for processing orders depends on a number of factors. The general timeframe is approx. 4-6 weeks from the time of approval of all names and details from the school. Please note that the school staff can often take a couple of weeks before all approvals are made.

It is the decision of the school to choose whether the group photos are presented as traditional style group (all students in class grouped together for a single photo) or individual composite style (each individual student image used in a collation of images for every student in the class).

Advantages of Individual Composite groups:

– able to include students that were not able to be present for the day of photography if a catchup day is arranged

– less disruption to school work and out-of-class time on photo day

– opportunity for each student to look their best, as traditional style group photos can be daunting for some students, especially in the younger grades

– physical distancing can be maintained to minimise spread of infection amongst the students and staff.

At the checkout stage of your order you can select the option for how you would like your photos delivered as:

1. Sent home with student

2. Kept at school office for collection

3. Posted to address within Australia (at additional cost)

School Photography

Our school photography services include class groups, individual students, sibling/friend photos, and special groups such as school captains, house captains etc. Custom packages can be developed depending on your school requests.  Student ID cards can also be ordered by request.

Ordering is done via our online portal to reduce any additional admin required from the school and to minimise the chance of lost order envelopes and confusion of orders. We can also provide a manual, cash order option for families that do not have access to online facilities.

All equipment and lighting will be provided by us on the day, ensuring the process remains as simple as possible for the school. We have custom-built stands available for the traditional style group photos (holds up to approx. 40 students).

Schools have the option to choose between two styles for class group shots, either the traditional class group photos (whole class in one image), or individual composite style (each student’s individual image used in overall group photo). Individual Composite photos can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Reduced disruption on photo day
  • Better opportunity for all students to look their best
  • Ability for students to be added to group photo if they arrive late or if student is absent on photo day and a catchup day is arranged by school
  • Minimises physical contact between students compared to traditional style

Please contact us for further information.


From over 25+ years experience working with photographing children, we prioritise the comfort and safety of all involved and aim to reduce disruption and stress on photo day. We are very aware that being placed in unusual situations can be quite daunting for young children, especially in the very young age groups and we work in a relaxed and fun way to engage with each child. We ensure our staff hold current Blue Cards and prioritise high safety and hygiene standards.

We offer the class group photos in an individual composite style (each student’s individual image used in overall group photo). We find this beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Reduces disruptions and stress amongst the children and staff
  • Better opportunity for all children to look their best
  • Ability for children to be added to group photo if they arrive late or if the child is absent on photo day and a catchup day is arranged by the centre
  • Minimises physical contact between children

Please contact us for more information.


Our sporting club photography services include capturing team photos for sporting teams as well as individual images of players and siblings. We supply all our own equipment and lighting on the day. The photos can be conducted either indoors or outdoors depending on the club preference and the weather on the day.

Please contact us for further information.