Caranbirini Conservation Reserve is a welcome break along the Savannah Way in Northern Territory.  Situated between Borroloola and Cape Crawford, it has easy access for vehicles and a selection of walking trails: to the lookout, the lagoon and also a captivating walk through the rock formations.  Well worth a visit!

Caranbirini_023Caranbirini_001 Caranbirini_002 Caranbirini_003 Caranbirini_004 Caranbirini_005 Caranbirini_006 Caranbirini_007 Caranbirini_008 Caranbirini_009 Caranbirini_010 Caranbirini_011 Caranbirini_012Caranbirini_013  Caranbirini_014 Caranbirini_015 Caranbirini_016 Caranbirini_017 Caranbirini_018 Caranbirini_019 Caranbirini_020 Caranbirini_021 Caranbirini_022

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