Check out this little time-lapse sequence of 4 hours in a day at the Townsville Port.  I had the opportunity to capture the footage whilst photographing the first part of construction of a new crane at the port, conducted by Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS). The timelapse shows the attachment of the tower to the slewing platform and undercarriage, which is only a small part of the overall process.

The crane being constructed is a Liebherr LHM 420 Mobile Harbour Crane.   With a maximum lifting capacity of 124T, this new crane is the largest north of Gladstone (where NSS have a LHM 550 with 144T capacity).  The crane was fabricated in the Liebherr factory in Rostock, Germany.  The consultation process for the project began in July 2013 and final approval granted in February 2014 when the order was made.  The crane will be used for the loading and unloading of vessels with products such as containers, bulk products and concentrates with the Rota-box spreaders and grabs. A worthwhile and productive new addition to the Townsville skyline.

Click on image below to view the timelapse.

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