Portraits FAQ

The photo shoot is the fun part. Let me know beforehand if you have any specific requests. When we arrive at the location it’s really just about being yourselves and interacting as a family. Let the kids be kids, and I’ll simply guide you all through the session. There is no limit to how many shots I take so be prepared to have some fun and enjoy the experience.
I’d suggest smart casual clothing, such as jeans and shirt for adults. Kids look great in denim… cute little dresses for girls… just whatever you think will suit the location you choose. Avoid clothing which features text or logos or anything with strong patterning. Oh, and don’t forget to wear comfy shoes if we’re heading out on location.
As the shoot can take an hour or so, it’s a good idea to bring a drink and possibly a snack for the children. For kid’s shots, if there are any particular toys or blankets or ‘favourites’ feel free to bring them along as well.

The photo shoot generally takes about an hour, but there are no restrictions. Please let me know beforehand if you have time restrictions. Allow extra time for larger groups and any travel. For babies and young children, we just work around whatever time they give us.

This depends on what location you choose and the time of year. Late afternoon is generally best light for outdoor locations, whereas, the time of day is not as important for indoors. Most baby shoots are done at your home, as this is their most comfortable environment. Babies are generally at their best in the mornings, and I am happy to start out early to take advantage of this. If there are specific times requested for your photo shoot please feel free to discus with me.

As a location photographer, the list of options is endless…. check out the images from the portrait gallery on my website to see if there is a particular setting that you like best or you may have somewhere in mind. You may request photos at your own home and I can certainly discuss this with you and see what will work best for you.

Any time of year is great, and often family photos are worked around other family coming to town or a special event. Don’t forget that locations change during the seasons and we just work around whatever they have to offer, as each season has its own beauty.

Flexibility is the key to this one. As a mum, I know that babies and children tend to have their own ideas about routine and if we need to work to their schedule then I’m happy to work around it and make another time or day or possibly some follow up shots if we haven’t quite got it the first time round.

Well just lucky we live in such a beautiful location and the weather is pretty consistent and predictable… sunny one day, sunny the next…. But come November and things can be day by day! So don’t stress and we can work around the weather, either by rescheduling or shooting between showers, or finding a location under cover where the weather won’t matter.

We plan a time to sit down together for an hour or so to go through some display options and ideas and then finalise your order. It’s a good idea to arrange a baby sitter while you have some ‘time out’ to relax and make your selection.

Your personalised viewing/order session is generally arranged within about a week of the photo shoot. Prints take between 5-10 working days from when they are ordered. Specialty display options may take up to 4 weeks. Framing time can vary depending on supply levels and frame style chosen.

Feel free to share your image gallery with any family and friends and they can certainly place their own orders by contacting me directly.

Purchase of the digital image files is available as per the product price listing. Please note that minimum order requirements are required.

After your first photo session, take advantage of complimentary photo shoots that you can book each year to continue creating your keepsakes, year after year.