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School Photography

Our school photography services include class groups, individual students, sibling/friend photos, and special groups such as school captains, house captains etc. Custom packages can be developed depending on your school requests. Student ID cards can also be ordered by request.

Ordering is done via our online portal to reduce any additional admin required from the school and to minimise the chance of lost order envelopes and confusion of orders. We can also provide a manual, cash order option for families that do not have access to online facilities.

All equipment and lighting will be provided by us on the day, ensuring the process remains as simple as possible for the school. We have custom-built stands available for the traditional style group photos (holds up to approx. 40 students).

Schools have the option to choose between two styles for class group shots, either the traditional class group photos (whole class in one image), or individual composite style (each student’s individual image used in overall group photo). Individual Composite photos can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Reduced disruption on photo day
  • Better opportunity for all students to look their best
  • Ability for students to be added to group photo if they arrive late or if student is absent on photo day and a catchup day is arranged by school
  • Minimises physical contact between students compared to traditional style