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Timelapse Post Production

It’s been great to watch the progress of the project and we are looking forward to compiling the final video.

To enable an efficient turnaround, can you please provide the following as soon as possible to be included in the final video production:

  • Logos of any relevant companies (please indicate if you have any preference for them to be used at the start or end of video)
  • Title of video
  • Any information or statistics you would like included as text (keep it as brief as possible to avoid viewers getting too distracted trying to read long lists of data)
  • Any additional data you would like included eg. original site plan, original photos of site etc.  Completion photos/video of final project (including internals/externals).  Please note that the quality of the data will determine whether it can be used in the final video as low resolution data may not be suitable.
  • Any preference for style of music (eg. Upbeat, energetic, slow, cinematic etc….)
  • Please note there will be 2 revisions included in the quoted cost of the edit, so it is a big advantage to provide as much information at the early stage to avoid additional fees for changes in the final production.
  • With the consent of our clients, Budd Photography may choose to use the final video for marketing/promotional purposes. Can you please advise if there is any restriction on use, otherwise it will be assumed that consent is granted.