I was extremely excited to get a call today to confirm that one of my images has been selected to be included in the 2014 Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Calendar. This will go down as one of my photographic highlights for the year to be selected from over 800 entries.  I’m a big fan of the BOM calendar and when I purchased several of them for Christmas gifts last year it gave me a bit of incentive to have a go at entering.  I’m sure there are a few Mount Isa residents that would remember the day I took the winning photo in March 2013. We witnessed an incredible sky of colour and texture as a storm build-up met with an amazing sunset, painting the sky with a surreal and breathtaking skyshow. Below is the winning image and then a few of the other shots from the same session.©Roslyn Budd - www.buddphotography.com.au

After taking Leo for his afternoon walk I noticed the cloud building in the east and snapped a couple of photos from the front yard and then realised this was going to be a pretty special sunset so I raced around looking for the keys to the car to get my tripod out of the car, as the light was already fading… After a few minutes of frantic searching for my keys I decided I couldn’t waste any more time so Leo and I hiked up the nearest hill to get a better vantage point and watched in awe at the amazing sky. It wasn’t until later that evening when Steve arrived home from squash that the mystery of my missing keys was revealed when we realised Steve had taken both sets of keys with him…. lol…   I guess in hindsight it was lucky I didn’t miss the rest of the sunset still searching for the keys.  I was very thankful to have been able to witness and capture such a beautiful spectacle of nature.  Enjoy.

©Roslyn Budd - www.buddphotography.com.au ©Roslyn Budd - www.buddphotography.com.au ©Roslyn Budd - www.buddphotography.com.au ©Roslyn Budd - www.buddphotography.com.au ©Roslyn Budd - www.buddphotography.com.au

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