Timelapse photography can greatly benefit construction projects by providing a dynamic visual record of the progress, improving communication and transparency, and potentially reducing project cost and time. Timelapse can capture the entire construction process in real-time to give stakeholders a clear view of the project’s progress, and with remote viewing this minimises the need for frequent site visits, which can be a significant cost and time-saving, especially for remotely managed projects. Furthermore, timelapse photography can serve as a valuable marketing tool to showcase the project to clients, stakeholders and investors and a unique way to document your company capabilities.

The use of timelapse photography can aid in identifying and resolving potential issues early on, leading to reduced project costs and an overall improvement in project efficiency and time management.

Budd Photography has worked in the timelapse space for several years and captured a range of projects, small and large, including the capture of Queensland Country Bank Stadium construction over a two and a half year period in Townsville.  We are well placed to deliver professional timelapse services and even though we are proud to be based in Townsville, North Queensland we also have projects further afield throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We offer additional photography, drone and videography to compliment the final video and capture specific milestone elements of each project.  Each project is unique in nature and we work closely with our clients to determine how we can best assist in providing the best solution to their needs.  Below is just one example of a recent project that we had the pleasure to capture.  The client loved the end result and so did we.

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