What better way to celebrate Australia Day than taking a roadtrip to explore some of the most beautiful parts of this great country…

0001_Palmer River

We started out from Innisfail and headed up the Kuranda Range which was an experience in itself… between the mix of roadworks and a close call with a loaded timber truck coming down the range we were glad to see the back end of the range and settle into a straight road again..

0002_Palmer River

The mighty Palmer River was one of our overnight stops, catching up with a couple of Dad’s mining mates and hearing a few yarns about mining and the good old days… and the excitement of what’s still to come.  The Palmer River would certainly have been a buzz of activity in the gold rush days. There would be so many stories of adventure, hardship and determination of the men and women that chose to take the challenge of following the gold fever.

0003_Palmer River 0004_Palmer River 0005_Palmer River

Eddie is certainly a character that I enjoyed meeting… he has a small gold mine near the Palmer River and a spirit of optimism that is admirable.  The barefoot, happy go lucky, slightly mysterious bloke has a wealth of information he has gained over the years.  He has a belief and talent in divining for mineral exploration and even though I’m a bit uncertain about the whole ‘power of the sticks’ I have to say I got a bit of a shock when I had a go at it for myself (under Eddie’s guidance) and actually felt something that wasn’t ‘me’ moving the sticks… Regardless… there is a whole lot of hard work involved in this sort of mining and not just a magic wand so if there is anything that can make it easier (or maybe just a bit more intriguing) than I’m all for it….

0006_Palmer River 0007_Palmer River 0008_Palmer River 0009_Palmer River

That’s my Dad there on the left… the handsome bloke in the blue shirt!

0010_Palmer River 0011_Palmer River

Eddie’s grandkids, Hayden and Cara were spending some time with their Grandad over the school holidays. I can just imagine the stories they will have to tell their mates back at home. What a great experience for them and they were loving it.

0012_Palmer River 0013_Palmer River 0014_Palmer River 0015_Palmer River 0016_Palmer River 0017_Palmer River 0018_Palmer River

Leo taking a well earned break….

0019_Palmer River

The kookaburra is one of the iconic Aussie animals and these ones were getting a bit spoilt by Tess and Jay at their mining camp.

0020_Palmer River 0021_Palmer River 0022_Palmer River

The mighty Palmer River…

0023_Palmer River

Another mining operation on the Palmer.. this time meeting up with Jay and his workmate Tess.

0024_Palmer River 0025_Palmer River

Jay explaining a few of the finer points of his mining plant…

0026_Palmer River 0027_Palmer River

This is what happens when you get a couple of mining blokes together, wandering over some good ground…

0028_Palmer River 0029_Palmer River 0030_Palmer River 0031_Palmer River 0032_Palmer River 0033_Palmer River 0034_Palmer River 0035_Palmer River

The lovely Tess… this lady has a pioneering and outback spirit that runs deep in her family roots.  I happened to see an old photo on display at the Palmer River Roadhouse of a proud man and his young daughter, Tess..(I think the photo was from the 1950’s from memory). I was thoroughly surprised and excited to realise that we were meeting with the very same ‘Tess’ at her mining camp.  Tess works as hard as anyone in the mining game and seemed very content to be living in this peaceful and picturesque part of the world.

0036_Palmer River 0037_Palmer River 0038_Palmer River

It was time to leave the Palmer River… just in time before the rains arrived…

0039_Palmer River 0040_Palmer River

If there is one place that every Australian school child should visit I would recommend Cooktown be it!  This place is steeped in history, culture and natural beauty.  There are enough activities and attractions to keep occupied for at least a few days visit…  the views are amazing…


The streets are lined with historic old buildings that have a real charm about them…

0042_Cooktown 0043_Cooktown 0044_Cooktown

Cooktown is a fisherman’s paradise!


I’m not sure there are too many places with beaches as pristine and beautiful as Cooktown… where the rainforest meets the sea… only downfall is the crocodiles that await in the waters…

0046_Cooktown 0047_Cooktown

Did I mention the views…



We had the van park all to ourselves… one of the advantages of visiting in the ‘out of season’ time….  We had to contend with the humidity and mozzies though… but we were lucky to have rain during the nights and still have sunshine to explore during most of the day.

0053_Cooktown 0054_Cooktown 0055_Cooktown 0056_Cooktown 0058_Cooktown 0059_Cooktown

The Esplanade… with monuments of Captain James Cook, the weekend markets and even a musical ship!


Off to seek his fortune…. a tribute to the pioneering men and women of the gold rush days!

0061_Cooktown 0062_Cooktown 0063_Cooktown 0064_Cooktown 0065_Cooktown

The James Cook Museum hosts an incredible record of the history of the region… an insight into the seven weeks that Cook and his crew spent at Cooktown, repairing their ship after running aground on a nearby reef…  the interaction between Cook an the local aboriginals… the influence of the gold rush days… the merging of cultures and traditions… the changing face of Cooktown over the years… the museum is truly an incredible place to visit…

0066_Cooktown 0067_Cooktown 0068_Cooktown

The Cooktown Cemetery… a walk through the cemetery reinforces the hardships and tragedies of the early days..

0069_Cooktown 0070_Cooktown 0071_Cooktown 0072_Cooktown 0073_Cooktown 0074_Cooktown 0075_Cooktown0076_Cooktown 0077_Cooktown 0078_Cooktown 0079_Cooktown 0080_Cooktown 0081_Cooktown 0082_Cooktown 0083_Cooktown 0084_Cooktown 0085_Cooktown 0086_Cooktown

Archer Point… remote and stunningly beautiful coastline…

0087_Archer Point_Cooktown 0088_Archer Point_Cooktown 0089_Archer Point_Cooktown 0090_Archer Point_Cooktown 0091_Archer Point_Cooktown

Lunch stops don’t get much prettier than this one…

0092_Archer Point_Cooktown 0093_Archer Point_Cooktown

It was worth a visit to Elim Beach to see the Coloured Sands

0094_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0096_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0097_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0098_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0099_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0100_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0101_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0102_Elim Beach_Cooktown 0103_Elim Beach_Cooktown

You could be mistaken to think we came across snow capped hills… but this white silica sand extended for miles around the Elim Beach region…

0104_Elim Beach_Cooktown

We got out just in time before the rain settled in…

0105_Elim Beach_Cooktown

Isabella Falls

0106_Isabella Falls

Black Mountain National Park

0107_Black Mountain NP

On the road again…

0108_Lions Den Hotel

The Lions Den Hotel was a little gem of a pub in the middle of nowhere…

0109_Lions Den Hotel 0110_Lions Den Hotel 0111_Lions Den Hotel 0112_Lions Den Hotel 0113_Lions Den Hotel 0114_Lions Den Hotel 0115_Lions Den Hotel

Onward and upward… taking the plunge to drive home through the Bloomfield Track… We had been warned it was 4WD country and could be a bit steep and I think that was an understatement but we were lucky enough to have a sunny day and not in tourist season so we took the challenge. I would NOT recommend this track for towing a caravan unless the conditions were right.  Even on a fine day the track was a bit slippery in places and very very steep.  You need to pick the time for the river crossings and beware of the tide times and cautious of every corner (and there are many….)

0116_Bloomfield Track

Gorgeous views along the track…

0117_Bloomfield Track 0118_Bloomfield Track

The Bloomfield River crossing… (under repair…)

0119_Bloomfield Track 0120_Bloomfield Track

A glimpse of the coast from the rainforest track…

0121_Daintree_Cape Tribulation

A few obstacles made for an interesting trip and this one even warranted the chain saw to help clear the roadway. Just lucky my Dad was a timber cutter from yesteryear… thanks Dad!

0122_Daintree_Cape Tribulation 0123_Daintree_Cape Tribulation 0124_Daintree_Cape Tribulation

Yet another creek crossing to venture…

0125_Daintree_Cape Tribulation 0126_Daintree_Cape Tribulation 0127_Daintree_Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation and the Daintree region offer spectacular rainforest, creeks and beaches to explore…

0127b_Daintree_Cape Tribulation 0128_Daintree_Cape Tribulation

The Daintree River Ferry Crossing…

0129_Daintree_Cape Tribulation 0130_Cairns North Beaches 0131_Cairns North Beaches 0133_Cairns North Beaches

My wonderful parents…

0134_Cairns North Beaches 0135_Cairns North Beaches 0136_Cairns North Beaches

If you ever get the chance to venture to the Cooktown region I would have no hesitation in recommending it… I think I may just have to go back again one day too :)

0138_Archer Point_Cooktown

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