Nothing scares most people more than the thought of going to the dentist…. until now!!!

KIDS – Healthy Kids Nurtured by Nature offers a multi-disciplined approach to KIDS health from the age of zero to ten.   KIDS works with a range of Allied Health providers such as Lactation Consultants, Speech Physiologist, Nutritionist, Chio, Physiotherapist.  The environment has been built to give a positive experience for the KIDS rest of lives.

The KIDS practice in Mackay is the most innovative and fun environment that any child could hope for.  The colours and design elements cater to a bright and engaging experience, even down to the playstations and ipads in the reception area.  This is another example of outstanding construction and fit-out by Rod Johstone Group.  Congratulations to the team for creating such a fun, practical and professional environment.

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