The regional towns and farming district around Ayr and Home Hill in North Queensland are more commonly referred to as The Burdekin. It would be fair to say that The Burdekin punches above it’s weight in terms of the natural beauty and opportunity.  Water means everything for an agricultural district and the Burdekin has no shortage, thanks to the Burdekin Falls Dam.  Visitors and locals alike are spoilt for choice with regard to fishing, camping, expoloring, fresh produce, secluded beaches, spectacular views across the region, boutique shopping and yummy cafes/delis, all coupled with friendly local hospitality.  The Burdekin is definitely a spot to put on your bucket list!

Burdekin ©Budd Photography

The beautiful Alva Beach! A short drive from Ayr with great facilities for picnics and BBQ’s.  An awesome way to spend the day relaxing along the beach or throwing in a line!

The Burdekin is probably best known for its agriculture, especially sugar cane and small produce.  The cane season runs through the winter months.  Watching the cane fires in the late afternoons is quite a sight!  The days are busy for the cane workers with the harvesters cutting and trucks carting the cane to the mills and rail lines.  There is a real buzz of activity!

The Burdekin Bridge (also knows as the Silver Link) connects the towns of Ayr and Home Hill and is a vital connection between southern and northern Queensland.  It is an engineering achievement that began in 1947 and took 10 years to construct with many challenges, especially with the absence of rock in the river bed, resulting in the need for huge concrete caissons to depths of over 30 metres.

Mount Inkerman is the best viewpoint for panoramic views across the region. Easily accessible by vehicle and The Burdekin Shire Council have provided walking paths and facilities for those making the most of the the adventure.  There is also a great display of local history and information to read about at the top!  Well worth staying for sunset.

The large variety of produce is grown in The Burdekin. Everything from rockmelons, zuccinis, eggplants, watermelons, capsicum, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, lettuce, tomatoes… and the list goes on!  (making me hungry just thinking about it!)

There are several sugar mills in the region. Kalamia Mill sits on the banks of the picturesque Lilliesmere Lagoon.

Both Ayr and Home Hill have some quirky art and some surprising wall art that that really adds to the colour and vibrance of the towns.  This metal art sculpture at the Ayr Library is amazing!  It is a really creative piece made entirely from scrap metal and spare parts.

All the fresh air and adventure of The Burdekin makes for a well earned break at one of the yummy cafes or deli’s.  Fresh and delicious!  The business district has a great range of specialty boutique shops that I could certainly spend some time exploring.

The Burdekin Shire Council are very family orientated and there are heaps of well maintained parks and facilities. 

For all those that love a bit of fishing or crabbing, the Burdekin offers several boat ramp points and excellent facilities, especially at the recently upgraded Morris Creek Boat Ramp.

Home Hill is a haven for the travellers with the Comfort Stop proving to be a very popular choice for caravaners and campers.

Just south of Home Hill is a less known little gem of Wunjunga!  Wow, this place is like a secluded paradise!  Pretty sure the locals prefer to keep it that way but well worth a visit to experience this beautiful tropical location.

Ocean Creek Boat Ramp is set within the mangrove lined creeks and offers a great stepping off point for a fishing adventure!

The Burdekin has so much to offer and a great place to explore in North Queensland. Every time I go there I discover a little more to add to my favourites list!

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