Situated on the banks of the river, the Victoria River Roadhouse is rated as one of our best camp spots so far.  The Gregory NP is in close proximity and well worth the drive to do the Escarpment Walk in the east and Joe Creek in the west.

Victoria River_0001Victoria River_0002 Victoria River_0003 Victoria River_0004 Victoria River_0005 Victoria River_0006 Victoria River_0007

Victoria River Roadhouse

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Old Victoria River Crossing

Victoria River_0024 Victoria River_0025 Victoria River_0026

Joe Creek (Gregory NP)

Victoria River_0027 Victoria River_0028 Victoria River_0029 Victoria River_0030 Victoria River_0031 Victoria River_0032 Victoria River_0033 Victoria River_0034 Victoria River_0035 Victoria River_0036 Victoria River_0037 Victoria River_0038 Victoria River_0039

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