The Dolzan family have always been one of my favourite families to photograph over the years…. from their engagement photos, wedding photos, maternity photos and three beautiful newborns. These guys sure do have a great recipe for gorgeous girls.  So now a few years on it was time for another family portrait session and the Grandparents were also invited along.  The day was not exactly as we planned, with massive wind gusts and dust.  The girls took it all in their stride and Gabby and Bella excitedly set about playing with their teddy’s tea party.   I hope you enjoy these precious memories for this beautiful family as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Dolzan_0002 Dolzan_0003 Dolzan_0004 Dolzan_0005 Dolzan_0006 Dolzan_0007 Dolzan_0008 Dolzan_0009 Dolzan_0010 Dolzan_0011 Dolzan_0012 Dolzan_0013 Dolzan_0014 Dolzan_0015 Dolzan_0016 Dolzan_0017



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